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Occasion-Content-Page-shutterstock_291603827-NEWWe begin Special Event styling by determining if you have items in your closet which will already work for your event. At times, what you have worn before can be changed up a bit or modernized through alterations or using different pieces and accessories. Adding a new accessory may be all that is needed, especially if you have an item you love and want to wear again.


Be prepared to look through your closet with Claudia, from head to toe to bling. She often finds something you own to be just the right touch – and in ways that you never would have thought to combine. If you are planning to use special items, be sure that you have them ready for her to see. Her styling work can be best if she thoroughly knows the content of your wardrobe, including accessories. If you have a large wardrobe or find it difficult to remember what you own, you may want to have Claudia do a Closet Curation well in advance of planning and styling your Special Event. Then, you will be able to maximize shopping your closet for the outfit. Of course, starting off fresh and finding the right outfit pieces is just as fun. This is the Personal Shopping part of Special Event Styling.


Personal Shopping for Special Events 

If other items are needed, you can arrange for Claudia to go Personal Shopping with you. Depending on the time you reserved for Special Event Styling, another appointment will need to be made for shopping. It is important to have a Trying On appointment after items after shopping your closet and/or buying items in stores. Alterations may be needed to ensure you look fabulous! This is another reason to plan ahead and schedule time well in advance of the event date. Once all of the items are in your closet and fit, Claudia will return for another appointment to fully style and coordinate your accessories into the “final look.”