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Shopping-Content-Page-shutterstock_45145120-NEWClaudia always prefers to have solid knowledge of your closet, wardrobe, style, and needs before she goes shopping with you. This way, her choice of stores and items will address your needs and be good choices for you. There’s nothing more frustrating than going shopping and finding nothing in the store. Through Personal Shopping services, Claudia makes sure you are going to find options. She may also decide to shop your closet rather than a store!


Do you need a Closet Curation before going Personal Shopping?

If you have not already gone through the Closet Curation process, Claudia can take a brief look into your closet to see if anything might be a good piece for your specific need and event. However, it is likely that you still need something (other pieces, shoes, accessories) to complete the best look for that event.   The key to success in creating outfits through Personal Shopping is for Claudia to really know you … which happens during the Closet Curation.


How much advance time is needed for Personal Shopping?

The more time you have to go Personal Shopping with Claudia, the better is the outfit or “look” created for you. If you wait until right before your event, any needed alterations may be difficult to complete. Also, Claudia may decide that she needs to take you to several different stores and even take home new purchases and integrate them with items you already own.


Do I just meet Claudia at a store? Is Personal Shopping like browsing through racks with a friend?

The first step in Personal Shopping is to look at our list of items needed for your current/seasonal wardrobe. (We may have already generated this from your Closet Curation). We also look at the specific event/needs you might want to address, such as creating an outfit for a special event.

Claudia typically will be hard at work for you at a chosen store 30 minutes before you arrive. During this time, she will pull and coordinate items for you to consider. Once you arrive, the Trying On process begins. The client often says, “I would never pick that for myself.” Or, “I don’t wear that color/shape/style.” Claudia’s rule is “Try it! If you don’t like it, you don’t have to buy it.” Nine times out of ten, a client likes what Claudia pulls, especially once the items are tried on and even made into a coordinated outfit – right before your eyes.


Is the Personal Shopping a single day service?

Depending on your current closet foundation, wardrobe, and specific needs for shopping, several Personal Shopping appointments/trips may be needed. We decide if we are filling in the gaps in your wardrobe, creating your Closet Foundation, or shopping for a Special Event outfit. This will determine how many appointments/trips are needed.


Shopping is done! What’s next?

Once the shopping is completed, we may have decided that your new items need alterations. This ensures that you look your very best. Many people need to have items “off the rack” tweaked to their own shapes, necklines, and lengths. At other times, items have to be altered to fit undergarments. When your items are in your closet and a part of your wardrobe, Claudia returns to your house for a Styling Appointment. Then, you shop your closet and coordinate the outfit with items, other pieces, and accessories you already own.