Vacation & Travel Packing Experience

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It’s already hard enough to plan a trip, let alone your attire, and then fit your clothes into suitcase(s). The goal of the Packing Experience with Claudia is to help you travel efficiently, appropriately, and, of course, elegantly. All the days, locations, excursions, and events must be considered during the Packing Experience.


Information needed for a successful Packing Experience

It is best for you to have your itinerary organized by time or events. If there are special outfit needs, cultural customs and experiences, or unique excursions, be sure to have the information for Claudia. At other times, she needs to know the climate and terrain to make the best choices for your packing. Having this for Claudia when she arrives at your home will help her create outfits and select multi-purpose pieces for you to pack. Along the way, you can have Claudia take pictures of the created outfits so that you have them on your phone or mobile device to guide you when you unpack and dress each day. Throughout the Packing Experience, Claudia’s own experiences and those with her many clients, is invaluable in making the most of each item you pick.